System Analysis

Ltd. Lafivents offers to existing building automation systems and climate performance evaluation and analysis of the effectiveness. After evaluation, we will be able to provide full report about the existing system efficiency and offer solutions for energy efficiency improvement.

To get the necessary data SIA Lafivents engineers can create effective monitoring system for each building control segment. The energy monitoring system can be built from various wireless controllers and provide different range of sensor types, for example Temperature, Humidity, CO2 and device condition monitoring sensors. The controllers can be powered from the built-in battery, this gives us opportunities to place them in tough places and there is no need in any additional power supply. Wireless controllers allow you to put the sensors without the intervention to the existing building engineering systems.

For quick and easy connection, our system can be connected to the existing Wi-Fi network or we can build our own network. Information from all monitoring devices through Wi-Fi network is sent to the server and can be available for analysis in real time. All data could be exported to the CSV file, which can be further processed using different analysis programs or, for example, visualization using Microsoft Excel program.

After successful analysis, we can find out different solutions that will enable more efficient use of existing building’s energy systems, and on this basis, we can make recommendations for the system upgrade to increase energy efficiency.