EN 15232

European standard EN15232: "Energy performance of buildings – Impact of Building Automation, Control and Building Management"

EN 15232 — classifies functions of building management system regarding energy efficiency and shows potential for energy savings.

SIA Lafivents engineers use recommendations provided in European standard EN15232, while analysing the energy efficiency of a building’s HVAC systems. They are used to determine the current level of efficiency and to offer solutions for its further improvement.

European standard EN 15232 describes how it is possible to reduce the use of energy by 20-30% with the help of building control system.

Due to implementation of the functions described in the standard mentioned above, building management systems make a significant contribution to the reduction of energy consumption and climate protection.

The basis for all the functions under consideration is the model of energy requirements and energy provision. Description of all the functions is viewed in the form of tables, where the functions are divided into classes:

0 – No automatic control
1 – Time control.
2 – Presence control
3 – Demand control

А analysis is performed by comparing functions to the energy efficiency classes (A...D), where:

А — High energy performance control
B — Partly optimized control
C — Standard control
D — No automation

The basis of all recommendations is HVAC system, which is done in a way to meet the requirements of C efficiency class. Around 50 activities to improve energy efficiency and to achieve energy efficiency B and A classes are described based on this.