About building automation and control

We offer to our customers solutions for engineering system automation, from HVAC system individual element control and management, till the climate systems, access systems and  electricity integration in a single building management complex that allows to reduce significantly operating costs, save time and provide prompt action in problem situations.

Lafivents building automation department is building the know-how since 1996, and today offers to clients the latest and internationally recognized building automation solutions. We successfully use our knowledge in building automation solutions that are based on open protocol choice (BACnet, Modbus, KNX, Mbus) checked algorithm selection and management from Web applications.

One of our main focus is energy efficiency in buildings that are obtainable with correct building automation performance in accordance with standard DIN EN 15232.

For consumed energy analysis we use software that allows analyse the consumed energy of previous period, with opportunity to influence the action of building automation to reduce costs.

We use in Latvia, Europe and USA project fields tested equipment and operation algorithms. Acquired knowledge, experience and cooperation with many manufacturers allows us to offer to our clients optimal price / design / performance solutions.

The biggest projects of building automation solutions implemented: