This year we get to know Cēsis


This year we went to Cēsis - eight teams got to know the city and mutually competed to see who could visit most of the cultural and historical places in the city.

We also got to know the ancient engineering solutions of the 9th century buildings in Āraiši and the medieval Cēsis Castle.

We truly got surprised and moved by the inhabitants of the Cēsis Castle and their truthfulness to the medieval lifestyle, by the baker of Cēsu Maize, the little train park in Mazā Brīnumzeme, the marzipan products of Kārumlāde, the rowers of the river, our guide Regīna’s passion for the history of Cēsis, fun ancient Vend activities with bows and the bagpipe performance from Vilius, the creatures living in the camel park and finally the lovely people.