Lafivents calls for support for future engineers in Latvia


Has started campaign about quality education and engineering sciences popolarization initiated by last year founded RTU Engineering highschool. In campaign home page anyone can vote for engineer sciences in Latvia, offer their own practical or finansial support to qualitative, thought-out and practical education provided for Latvian students.

It's easy to participate - just choose one, two or all options:

1. Your vote - Simply show that you care. Click that You LIKE thid initiative that supports young engineers in Latvia! After gathering 5000 votes, "Industry Service Partnes"LTD will donate 5000 EUR for development of qualitative education.

2. Your practical help - Anyone of us is expert in some field, and anyone of us can give something to students. Declare your idea/practical help/experiance, so students can get it. Choose idea from a list or add a new one, and You will be able to help.

3. Your donation - Finansially support qualitative, thought-out and practical education for students of Latvia.

Lafivents is giving support with voting, donating and giving practical help - Prof.Arturs Lešinskis will give guest-lecture to students of RTU Engineering highschool to give insight in building microclimate. Also students who will be interested will have chance to get internship.

About current events follow campaign home page and social netwotk Facebook and Twitter.