Internship in Lafivents wiht scholarship


Our creative workers in collaboration with RTU Attīstības fonds  appels to student internship. Internship otions in the building automation department and in the designer position. LAfivents is a place where your ideas will be heard, developed and tested to later possibly become realized in some of largest construction designs.

Currently, 5 students from Latvia University of Agriculture and Riga Technical University are working successfully in the Lafivents Collective

In order of competition will be granted 1 monthly scholarship in amount of 400EUR as inducement for practical knowledge. Durration of internship from September 2016 to September 2017 (12 month in totaal) with 40 working hours a week.

To sign up all aplicants must fill up inquiry form and upload CV (Curriculum Vitae) and statement of grades till September 11th 2016.