Expedition to Ērgļi

Also this year we went on an expedition to explore a place in Latvia. This time Ērgļi. It turned out a lot and interesting. Our companion was a pationatel local Maris Olte, who cares a lot about Eagles and their future. Maris Olte and his family welcomed us to the old Ērgļi station.

Ērgļi is known by the work of Rūdolfs Blaumanis in various manifestations, we visted Braku museum, the performance of the Ērgļi Theater troupe and also Silmači pancakes. Ērgļi special sport and entertainment today is disc golf, a very exciting and good way to relax. A very pleasant surprise in the deep rural areas is the young progressive man Marcis Feldbergs, who has created a gin workshop, a surprisingly beautiful and educational nature trail, a forging workshop and a very beautiful place.

Thanks to our colleague Gustavs and his team of relatives (who are from Ērgļi) we had a fantastic concert by Gints Smukais on the lake with boats enjoying the sunset and music. The evening we spent on the platform of Ērgļi station trying tango steps.

On the second day we carried out the main mission of this trip - fishing with Māris Olte in Lake Kāla.

We thank to all the Ērģļi people we met for true sincerity and hospitality! We wish Ērgļi a beautiful future! Ērgļi definitely have something to see, experience and do!

Photo: Kārlis Didrihsons